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What are Spacelingz?

Spacelingz are adorable, zany, breedable Aliens that have crashed here and decided to make it their home. They need lots of love and care but they make the perfect companions! For fun you can also have simulated battles with your friends!

Battles? How do you win?

Every Spacelingz will be born with a base level of stats that can be increased through training and equipment and buffer cards to aid in battles.

But they are so adorable I don’t want them to get hurt?!

Don’t worry your Spacelingz only ‘Battle’ in a simulated VR environment. No spacelingz will be harmed in the making of battles! 

When will the Spacelingz Pre-orders Launch?

February 27th 2021 we will be launching pre orders both at the Home and Garden Expo as well as a Private Pre-Launch Location! 

How do I access the Pre-Launch Game Spacelingz: Genesis?

Just Buy any Pre-order pack. Be sure to check out the other perks that come with pre-ordering too! 

What is included with Spacelingz Pre-Launch Orders?

Depending on the Pack purchased: 

Access to Pre-Order Game where XP Points earned Can be used in main game after release, Head Start Gameplay, Access To Alpha and/or Beta Testing, Limited Edition PASSABLE Genetics, Food, Consumables, Gift Packs, Early Access To the Discord Community and More!

Who is the team behind Spacelingz?

We are a small but dedicated team with over 14 years in SL and many more than that coding. We fell in love with breedables with the very first ones years ago and set out to make something unique and engaging for years to come! 

Will I need land to Play Spacelingz?<

Spacelingz will be fully embracing a play your own way approach to the game. You can play entirely on a beautiful web interface and take the game with you everywhere or you can rez out any or all of your Spacelingz to enjoy in-world at a moments notice. 

When will the Spacelingz Release?

By the end of 2021 we are shooting for release! In the meantime take advantage of our pre-launch game. Your xp points will be usable at the start of the main game! 

I’d like to blog your pre-launch/launch. How do I sign up?

Please contact Newt Starlight in-world by NC and we’ll get back to you! 

 This sounds so cool! How do I make an Official Market or Auction?

Please NC Newt Starlight and we’ll get you on the list! 

 I’m so excited and I have endless more questions! I NEED answers.

We know the feeling! We’re excited too just drop by the forums or the Spacelingz group in-world and we’ll be happy to chat!